About Me

Me dressed and ready for a medieval music ensemble concert

Me dressed and ready for a medieval music ensemble concert


I’m Madalena de Orozco, of Adlershrue in the great Kingdom of Ansteorra.

In regular clothing, I’m Jennifer Aghassibake, a ceramic and textiles artist, newly moved to Amarillo.

Much of my “free time” is spent in costume with friends, learning about and re-creating the lifestyles of medieval nobles.  I am a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism, SCA, a role playing group which strives to recreate personas, textiles, work environments, battles and more, from 600 AD to 1600 AD.

The SCA consists of 20 Kingdoms across the globe, I reside in the Kingdom of Ansteorra, which encompasses Texas (minus El Paso) and Oklahoma.

I’ve been in the SCA for 10 years, and specialize in textiles, pottery and maiolica.

This is my blog to organize my thoughts and pen down what I’ve been up to, to share with other medieval history buffs, as well as get feedback and advice on where to go next.

All photos on this site are photographed by myself unless otherwise stated, please contact me for permission to use photos or articles I post on this web page.

I also have a “Contact me” page for any questions.

Many blessings! Now let’s get our hands dirty. 🙂