As life tends to…

Change happens. Sometimes we step into it, willing, seemingly prepared; other times we step into a chasm masked as a pothole.

The move to Amarillo was a pothole.

Ok, a speedhole– you know, a worn down speed bump– It was a chance to be management at a daily newspaper, to re-design the layout, implement a style guide and enforce rules for production schedules and the writing process… How could I pass it up?  I worked my whole adult life to get that opportunity.

So, when it tanked… I felt more like a dilapidated building than a copy editor force-fed rubbish with no growth or movement in sight.

It can be frustrating when a job description and promise doesn’t match the opportunity. Especially when “it’ll take a while to turn the boat around to make these changes,” is actually,  a moored boat, available for discount tours on Tuesdays.

Not every job change is this frustrating,  trust me. Take the leap.

It’s just a bit depressing to realize I uprooted my family, moved them 300+ miles away and…

I still have to pause every now and then to think about if this relocation was worth it.

Every time I face a wall, I stop and change perspectives. Because when you change the way you look at a problem, the problem itself changes.

It’s just a different path back into the newsroom, with a much needed break to spend time with my kids, to travel and most of all to use my camera.

So kudos to my journalist friends in the field. I hope to rejoin you someday, maybe even in this windy city.


Until then, fight the good fight.




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