I’m still dyeing


With too much time passed to really regurgitate all that’s happened in my life, let’s just start by dyeing.

I’ve dyed. valiantly. often. By myself, and with others.

I realize this now because as I sit here, propped up to help ease my back pain from yesterday’s bowling alley excursion, I had the crazy idea of trying to organize and combine all my hand-dyed fibers into totes.  Before this, they were scattered among boxes, shoe boxes, lunch pails, totes and an occasional piece still wet in a ziplock.


I have surmised that I am a fiberaholic and I MUST do something with all the hand-dyed fiber I’ve accrued from years of teaching and dabbling.

I have enough single ply wool to weave a decent handbag or hat; I have enough silk thread to embroider a full project with multiple colors… and variant shades.  Maybe Opus Anglicanum? I also have enough roving to felt a hat and shoes and mitts and… and… you get the idea.  Sadly the roving was before I started spinning, so I didn’t know how badly I felted it during the dyeing process.

So, my brain is thinking and I’m debating on what types of largess I want to make. I also plan on using some of this on some type of high court dress or item for my kit.  I need to focus, but for now, I’m still sorting fibers and unpacking boxes. 🙂


So consider this a re-start of my blog of artsy SCA things as I tackle life with 3 kids and an awesome husband in the windy city of Amarillo.


Until next time,



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