Learning to cope with change

Jeff's words of wisdom: 4 steps to NOT go crazy.

Jeff’s words of wisdom: 4 steps to NOT go crazy.

After spending the last month split between two cities, commuting to my new job in Austin, via my apartment in San Antonio (and some graceful Austin friends and their couches) I think I’ve reach the tipping point of stir-crazy.

I used to use glazing, weaving, painting and dyeing as my stress therapies. They were the sometimes messy outlets I chose to help me de-stress and get a grip on the craziness that surrounds owning a business and being a mommy to two energetic kids.
After commuting so much and seeing the cities whiz by as I rush home to cuddle my girls, I realized I need to find some new way to have portable projects.

Embroidery is out for the most part. I’m wound up at the end of the night, so it takes me a while to sleep, but the last thing I want to look at is a counted blackwork project for the cuff and collar that I DESPERATELY need to make before the fall event season starts.

With all the packing and moving, I’m not sure what is where. I have most of my stuff in a storage unit in San Antonio, 3/4 of my art supplies are in my friend’s garage… or in the back of my car.
Whomever said moving is fun, obviously works for a moving company, of which I will definitely take advantage of next time. ugh.

It has been an interesting few weeks, but I’m really liking my new job, and coworkers. (They still don’t realize how artsy crazy I am so I think they’re safe for now.)

So my first outing in Austin was to an art store, Jerry’s Artorama, where I bought a calligraphy marker, a sketchbook and a top-bound stack of Rhodia graphed paper.

I’ve dabbled in calligraphy before, as a new SCAer who was taking ALL THE CLASSES! And now that I’ve mellowed a bit, I’m still interested in calligraphy enough to get over the problems of writing with my left hand. I even considered teaching my right hand how to write, and using it just for calligraphy. (A bit extreme, but when only time is the problem… I’ve got PLENTY of time.)

I’ve been dabbling a bit, just writing things down… kinda using previous classes and info to at least DO something. It’s hard to explain the uselessness I feel when I can’t just paint, or weave on a whim, one because my supplies are scattered between several places, and two because I’m so frazzled that it takes a while to even gather the gumption and drive to collect everything to assemble some sort of inventory.

SO, my wonderful friend Jeff gave me some advice, and I decided to calligraph it using the new Rhodia pad.

That’s all the spoons I have for today, Next time I’ll write something useful. 😉



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