Etsy business review,

I sat down on Wednesday and bought woad, indigo and amaranthus seeds from sellers on Etsy.

140328_0004To my surprise, my mailbox had two envelopes inside today!

Both of them were from Ms. Nan Ondra from  Check out her Etsy store HERE.

What a super fast delivery, very unexpected. (I assumed seeds would be here by beginning of April.)

Also, when I bought my seeds on Etsy, I left a note for the sellers to please send them in a package that could fit in a standard apartment mailbox.

My apartment complex doesn’t have a manager’s office to hold larger packages and sometimes, instead of holding the mail at the post office, it gets stamped return to sender.

I really didn’t want to risk it.

140328_0006So, imagine my surprise when I have two envelopes in the mail! The first was bubble wrapped and came with a cute note of thanks as well as complimentary glass gem corn seeds.

The backside of the thank you card had llamas on it! Can’t begin to mention the cute factor with that one.

The second envelope was a regular #6 sized envelope, with a package of amaranthus seeds held between two cards by a rubber band.

The note on the second envelope says, “Just in case there’s a problem with the other envelope! If you do get both, please keep or share them. –Nan Ondra”

The overall excitement of getting my red amaranthus seeds was shadowed by this simple act of kindness.

I WILL share them.

There are approximately 25 seeds in each bag. I’ll share five seeds with the first five people who ping me on FB, or comment on this blog.

The only stipulation is you must plant them.

Seeds are meant to be sown.

Oh, and send me photos of the plants in your garden. I’d love to share your plant’s progress with Hayefield!

On that note, I’m off to go get another pot and start sowing these beauties.


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