How to Make Cheese at Home Using Lemon Juice and Milk

I had the fun experience of making cheese for the first time yesterday at A&S day. I had read all you needed was milk and lemon juice and one recipe asked for buttermilk.

The girls and I had fun stirring and squishing and then eating the cheese we made. It didnt even make it to day two, which is supposed to taste better, since it sets.

So, I read through this blog post and decided to make cheese at home. I used lemon juice and milk, and the two tablespoons of buttermilk left in the pint I bought for Sunday.

This time, I let it drip over a few hours and oh, delicious manna from heaven. I am definitely doing this more often. 🙂

I also boiled the whey to make ricotta and spiced both with salt and oregano. :heeheehee. Two quarts of milk created 10 oz of fromage blanc and an ounce of ricotta.

Have fun!

Seeking Sanctuary At World's End

We had goats for part of a summer.  No fault of the goats but that turned out to be the worst summer ever.  It started with our house catching fire.  We ended up losing our milking goat to a mineral deficiency and her sister went to live with friends.  However, during that time, I learned to make lemon cheese – the easiest most versatile dairy product.

Lemon cheese require very little – a large pot, a spoon, a thermometer, milk, lemon juice (or vinegar), a colander and/or cheese cloth.  To make it requires just a little patience but very little skill.

I use a gallon of milk and 1/4 cup of lemon juice (or equal amount of vinegar).  Dump the milk in a large pot.  Slowly bring the milk to 185 degrees, stirring often because you do not want your milk to burn.  If you have a good heavy-duty pot, you…

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