Ansteorran Iris of Merit, tablet weaving pattern

I’ve charted out what was originally an eyeballed project. Czina helped me sit down and organize my cards and figure out directionally where the cards needed to be to intersect.

The original pattern I posted on facebook had a different warping chart. This one shows where the cards need to be organized to create Xs.

To read the pattern:

I have listed ABCD, which are the letters attached to the four holes in the tablets, and 1 through 40, which are the numbers for the specific card in that sequence.

The pattern is read Left to right, then right to left.

I explained it this way to someone who asked how to set up the cards.

1. thread all the cards with the necessary colors, don’t pay attention to placement or S and Z location just yet. The two cards on both ends are selvedge, all four holes will be black. All other cards will have three holes of that card’s primary color and one hole black.

2. Now face them all in the right direction, the selvedge are facing S on the left and Z on the far right. The project, starting with red, has 3 cards S then 3 cards Z, repeated throughout all six colors, finished with the two selvedge cards Z.

3. NOW we look at where the threads are for the first row. IF you have cards ABCD and have it positioned so that A is the top hole away from your body, and B is the hole right below it, the cards will read ABCD counter clockwise.

This is important for the way I’m explaining the colors of the threads, so you can get a bearing of where they are.

Since we are starting the project with four turns forward, we want the black thread in card
#3 in slot A,
#4 in slot B
#5 in slot C

These three cards were threaded S, and now the cards change to Z, so we mirror the pattern.

#6 in slot C
#7 in slot B
#8 in slot A Since this group was threaded Z

So now, repeat the placement of black thread ABC CBA with the remaining cards.

That should get you to a fabulous starting point. Ping or email me if you have any questions, I’m happy to help!

The happy enabler,



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