Daily writing prompt, Aug 30

This is my DWP, trying to continue writing, to work on character and scene building so I can start writing a book. 🙂

The first few prompts will be pieces I’ve published on Facebook, to archive them on my own media.


“Write about the last letter you wrote by hand.”

I press delete more often than completing a sentance, but you can’t delete pen, so I continued.

It’s been four years. Faith Hill still haunts me.

I sat at the park, watching the kids play, while I tried to finish a sentance. Just one.

At least one that could tell you how betrayed I felt, how much I loved you, how excited I was when I’d get to see you. But then I’d look at my notebook, and it was still blank, save for a few scratched out words and some doodles of ocean waves and sea weed.

What I wanted didn’t exist, and you gave it to someone who was perhaps more worthy.

But even with my broken dreams, I can still whisper your name and smell the ocean.


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