Glamour and Empowerment

Glamour and Empowerment

A little about me:

So, some people have asked what my 9-5 job is. I used to mumble that I worked at a print shop, or worked for a call center, but not anymore!

I started my photography journey five years ago, with school and photojournalism for The Ranger, the San Antonio College newspaper.

That foundation helped me prepare and take the leap to full-time about two years ago.

It has been a rough road, with many pit falls and stressful moments, but I’ve learned a lot about myself and why I love my business.

This fall will be my one year anniversary of shooting glamour portraits. It’s the style I currently market and push as my brand, I call them “empowerment portraits,” since many of us need a reminder that we are beautiful women, not just “Super Moms” or stellar wives.

I love what I do and happily promote myself wherever I go, because every woman deserves to take a break from life and feel like a queen.

A woman’s body is beautiful. We just need a reminder.


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