Daily writing prompt, Aug. 29

This is my DWP, trying to continue writing, to work on character and scene building so I can start writing a book. 🙂

The first few prompts will be pieces I’ve published on Facebook, to archive them on my own media.


“Write about the sound, the color and the smell of loneliness.”

The minute he leaves and his footsteps echo down the corridor, my smile uncurls into a blank slate; an empty canvas with no one to entertain.

I sit on our couch and hug my knees, gently rocking, slowly letting loneliness creep to the edge of my solid foundation.

I sit there toying with the idea of embracing the black pit within, making it my new lover.

Anything is better than being alone.

It quietly unravels me with the stagnant smell of unwashed clothes and dried tears.

I crouch beside my bedroom door, praying for comfort from its smothering tendrils, as my world morphs into a monochrome prison.

I let it.

The gray of reality surrounds me and washes away the smell of his cologne. I embrace the searing pain.

With jagged breath, I turn the doorknob and collapse. Our dreams are scattered across the floor: clothes, jewelry, and photographs—abandoned.


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