Daily writing prompt, Aug. 27

This is my DWP, trying to continue writing, to work on character and scene building so I can start writing a book. 🙂

The first few prompts will be pieces I’ve published on Facebook, to archive them on my own media.

I know it say’s write about “you hid,” but this is from my character’s point of view.


“Write about the money you hid from your spouse”

I had always considered it a tithe to myself, my own 10 % for doing such a good job not killing my kids… or letting them kill each other. It always felt like stealing, but if I didn’t have some semblance of ownership on at least one thing in my marriage, I think I would have gone crazy long before shelling out a couple hundred bucks on my own indulgences.

It was always a game, of how to hide or slightly acknowledge the growth in my yarn stash, or how I managed to procure new yards of fabric or embroidery thread, but the secret was worth it. Without my own hobby, quietly worked on while everyone else snored, I wouldn’t be able to live in such a utilitarian man cave.

Mother of the year eludes me, but at least when the kids ask where I got such a lovely dress, I can shush them by making similar outfits for their dolls and teddy bears.


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