Reminder: Write things down!



I am almost done with the headache of writing up my SCA résumé. 

Is it sad that I figured out dates based on who I was dating at the time? Smh. 

Going through this exercise reminded me how incredibly active I was before I stopped playing for almost three years.  It was part burn-out, part drama llamas, but also my own shuffle of school/work/kids/workstudy and the SCA.

I joined the SCA in 2007, an ex-boyfriend introduced me. I went to a fighter practice and saw what he did with his spare time and had that halleluiah feeling of IT DOES EXIST!

Ever since that moment, I worked tirelessly with the barony and enjoyed every minute of it, gaining a new network of friends which turned into a large family I still talk to and trust today.

I am reminded right now, as I try to finish up this blasted résumé, that I need to write down what I do so I can remember it later, otherwise it will be mixed in the blur of my 20s.


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