Daily writing prompt, Aug. 26

This is my DWP, trying to continue writing, to work on character and scene building so I can start writing a book. 🙂

The first few prompts will be pieces I’ve published on Facebook, to archive them on my own media.


“Write about the candle in the window.”

The smell of sulfur fills the air as a match continues to burn between his fingers, he can’t bear to light it. Snuffing the fifth match in a row, he sits down and stares at the candle in his hands, rolling it between his fingers.

It’s a simple angel, with a hopeful face and outstretched wings, almost a cherub, but not cute enough—a gift from a pastor at the hospital where his wife first started chemotherapy.

The pastor’s words of hope were bitterly etched in his memory and resurfaced now as he pictured her blue eyes filled with fear.

Large drops of rage rolled down his cheeks, followed by resentment… regret. His grasp tightens along the base of the angel as the tears continue to flow.

How can you torture the condemned with words of hope? He grabbed a glass paperweight from the top of their dresser and threw it toward a floor length mirror, near the entry of their walk in closet.

The glass crackled as it shattered, spitting glittering silver shards of glass across the ivory carpet.

His gaze moved from the mirror to his right, stopping at a nightstand adjacent to their only bedroom window.

A waxy residue formed a circle on the table’s surface; candles burned on this spot for years.

Over the years, many candles burned in that corner; they created a beacon of hope for her neighbors, letting them know she was home.

During the holidays, the candles marked the Advent. She tried to dip her own candles once, which lead to a painful boil on her leg, and a couple candles that drooped to one side.

She’d light a candle under the oil warmer when she wanted to remember her childhood home. The house wafted with the scent of lemon verbena year-round.

He put the candle down on the bed and walked over to light a tea light and fill the room with her essence.

With trembling hands he placed the candle on a brass holder and kissed it.

The angel is four years old now and ready to be the last candle in her window.


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